What is the best dog food? That's a question we are often asked. Our answer to finding the best food for your dog starts with looking at your dog's biological needs. At Razzle Dazzle, we highly recommend choosing a balanced species appropriate raw diet for your dog. By nature, dogs are scavenging carnivores and will eat most anything they can get their paws on.  A dog's sharp pointed teeth were designed to rip and tear flesh not to grind cereal grains. If you compare a dog's teeth to a grazing animal's teeth (horse or cow) or to an omnivore's teeth (human being), you will notice that a dog does not have flat topped molars to help them break down vegetation and grains.  Like their relative the wolf,  a dog's digestive tract is relatively short and acidic in comparison to herbivores.  A dog's body secretes digestive enzymes for the purpose of breaking down protein and fat.  They have no biological need for carbohydrates and do not have digestive enzymes to process them appropriately. So when choosing a food for your healthy dog, look for high quality protein and fat on the label and fewer carbohydrates. For more information, click on this link The 3 Best Foods for your Pet.

If going completely raw for your dog is not an option due to cost, convenience, or other reasons, try to choose a kibble or canned food that offers the highest quality ingredients and best nutrition for your dog that fits within your budget.