The Natural Diet of Cats

Cats are strict carnivores, and their natural diet consists mainly of mice and other small prey. Most cat owners today would probably not be interested in buying mice for their cat's dinner, so our companion cats must learn to survive on what we provide for them. Unfortunately a highly processed, high carbohydrate dry kibble diet does not provide the right amount of moisture to help your cat's body function properly.  

A cat's natural diet of mice is over 70% moisture.  Dry kibble normally has less than 15% moisture, so cats eating only dry kibble live in a dehydrated state.  As a result of this unnatural moisture devoid diet, many cats suffer from urinary tract problems. Free feeding cats a diet of dry kibble only may also result in an overweight carb addicted kitty.  Obese cats are predisposed to many health issues included feline diabetes.  At Razzle Dazzle, we encourage cat owners to try to integrate raw or canned food into your finicky feline's diet to help them get the moisture they so greatly need to maintain proper kidney and urinary tract function. Click on the link here to get more information on transitioning your cat to a more natural diet.